John Gibbons: I want United to win on Sunday and I feel sick about it

The Anfield Wrap writer is loving what Jurgen Klopp's men are doing now and wants to have some hope of a title tilt...


Liverpool were irresistible last night, probably the best we have played all season. Certainly, since Arsenal at home in August when Mo Salah first started turning heads outside Merseyside with his blistering pace and Liverpool looked like they might compete for a title.

The latter hasn’t quite materialised, mainly due to the form of Manchester City, but Mo and his mates are still turning heads and still banging in the goals.

Salah scored his 18th of the season last night, after a positive dry patch of one and half games. Firmino, the number nine who apparently isn’t a proper striker, now has 12 and hat-trick hero Phil Coutinho moves up to nine, while Sadio Mane is currently slacking on seven.

Although you wouldn’t bet against him having his own purple patch at some stage. Daniel Sturridge looked sharp enough last night too. He just can’t get on the pitch.

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At Liverpool we have been blessed with many top goalscorers. Even just in my life time we have moved from Rush to Fowler to Owen. From Torres to Suarez. We’ve had great partnerships too.

But not, arguably since the great Liverpool side of 87/88, has one Liverpool side seen so many dynamic attacking options. So many goals from different areas of the pitch. Quite so many footballers who can hurt you at any point.

Liverpool still have their problems, of course, and tougher tests will come. Definitely in the Champions League, I’ve seen the teams in the draw.

However, right now it is exhilarating watching these lads in red.

We’ve won 7-0 home and away for the first time since 1892. Both individuals and teams are breaking goal scoring records at ease. And all with plenty of swagger and tonnes of likeability.

But, aside from a draw on Monday that will have Liverpool fans all over tapping away at budget airlines websites and checking holiday allowances, the Champions League is now over for a couple of months.

This Liverpool side needs to keep motivated and keep excited in other ways. The FA Cup will certainly help, and a home draw against Everton does the trick in that regard to.

Have you seen they have put it on a Friday night? My word. What a night that will be!

My mates are currently talking about what time on Thursday they are meeting up for it. It’s going to be wild.

But, it’s the league where The Reds need to ensure they remain focused on something. To keep any football side keen there needs to be a prize. Sure, top four is an achievement for almost any side, certainly this season where it looks more competitive than ever, but is it enough to get top players snapping into tackles in December?

Or do they need at least the outside hope of something bigger.

If Manchester City beat their red neighbours at the weekend the league title is pretty much done. But if United win, you start to have some hope, especially as City haven’t been playing that well recently, albeit still winning. Maybe one defeat will become two.

Maybe doubts will creep in and performances will drop. Shots snatched at, defending more nervy.

That’s why, as much as I feel sick thinking about it, I want United to win on Sunday.

It’s the only way we’ve got a chance of a league title. It is the only way this side have a chance.

And they deserve it, this great set of lads. They deserve some hope. So, I just have to get on with it and cheer on the side on Sunday I never thought I would. Ah well, at least they play in the same colour.

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