INTERACTIVE: Generate your own generic footballer social media post!

Are you tired of your favourite footballers posting the same old shit each week on twitter?


Following your favourite footballers on twitter can be a tough task at times.

When they’re not “accidentally” tweeting photos of their own genitalia, they are “accidentally” tweeting photos of the latest cars they have bought, or showing off the multitude of other ways they waste their grossly inflated weekly wage packets.

In between times, there are the post-match reactions.  Due to threats of FA charges and having taken the advice of their agents, these messages have become so bland and predictable, that we thought we would save you the trouble of reading your twitter feed and simply let you generate them yourself!

Simply pick a player from the dropdown list below, and let us know whether their team won, drew or lost the game.  We’ll do the rest and create a mind-numingly dull tweet on their behalf.


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