David Moyes, the Anointed One, is the right man for West Ham United

Only one man can save the Hammers. We're sorry to say, but again, it's Moyesy...


Football fandom has become a hugely interactive community online, but rarely do we see a potential appointment so perfectly suited to internet memes. Yes folks, ‘Moyesy’ could be back in the Premier League spotlight and on his way to West Ham.

Surprisingly – or not – it hasn’t gone down too well with some of the Hammers faithful.

But we’re here to tell you just why you need to relax – Alex Ferguson’s ‘chosen one’ is about to deliver.

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Manchester Miracles

We know you’re laughing, but hang on just a second. David Moyes was hand-picked by the most successful manager in the history of the most successful football club in the history of English football.

His arrival was greeted with optimism given the Ferguson endorsement, before he was relieved of his duties just ten months into a six-year contract.

His time there was seen as a gigantic failure, but when you consider it was his first season in a huge job, certain allowances have to be made.

He signed two key members of today’s very decent United squad in Juan Mata and Marouane Fellaini. The squad he inherited was aging in parts, and remarkably underwhelming in most other departments. You’ve heard this story before.

One final point – and perhaps the most relevant. Moyes had a 53% win percentage in his time at Manchester United. That’s higher than Jurgen Klopp’s while at Liverpool. Maybe if poor David have invested in a pair of thick-rimmed spectacles?

Black Cats and Misleading Stats

It’s worth pointing out that managing Sunderland isn’t a reflection on you as a person. Sometimes, it’s just your time and you must accept your punishment like a man.

They could sign the Napoli team in the morning and still finish midtable in the Championship.

We’re not quite sure what it is, but no other football club quite exudes underachievement like Sunderland. Even if everything is right with the world and every assurance was taken prior to a season, it will ultimately fall on its arse.

Even their promotions aren’t wildly celebrated because everyone knows what to expect. We feel for their fans more than anything.

David Moyes couldn’t be expected to achieve anything here other than their customary finish between 13th and 17th. Well, he went one better. He put them in a position to be competitive in a division again.

It’s not his fault Simon Grayson left them rock bottom.

Double Standards

If a manager comes to England from another country, everyone is quick to say that they deserve a year (a decade if your name rhymes with Kurgen Jlopp) to fully come to terms with the league and their new environment.

Now, think about this.

A Glasgow-born readhead who spent time living in the metropoles of Preston, Manchester and Liverpool, moves to Sociedad and suddenly has to stock up on Factor 50 and contend with a dressing room full of players trying to understand his thick Scottish accent.

Imagine David Moyes conducting training sessions in the Spanish heat, with those genetics. He couldn’t have been comfortable. These are valid excuses. But There’s not much hope of anyone getting sunburnt in London in November.

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