Watch: The League of Ireland goal of the season competition has some absolute belters

This one starts as it means to go on…


There’s nothing we love more in Power Tower than a good goal of the season competition and the League of Ireland have provided us with just that.

With Cork City lifting the trophy at Turners Cross last Friday night the 2017 league campaign was consigned to the history books, but it has left us with some glorious goals to remember it by.

Last night RTÉ’s Soccer Republic show released a video with a fabulous fifteen contenders for the goal of the season award and it starts with a ridiculous effort from inside his own half by St Patrick’s Atlethic midfielder Conan Byrne against Bohemians.

The one thing that does jump out for us is, Dundalk’s Patrick McEleney could probably have an unbelievable goal of the year competition featuring just his strikes alone.

There might be one or two iffy selections, but on the whole it’s a great watch:

Let us know your favourite in the comments below:

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