Watch: Hands down this is the greatest peno conceded we’ve ever seen

In fairness you're always told to get your body in the way as a defender.....


See, this is the beauty of lower league football right here. And why we love football in general. You just don’t get this type of ping pong goalmouth action in elite football, anywhere. So Cowdenbeath away to Berwick Rangers has made our day today.

In fairness, you’d get the corner in the Premier League. Under cooked, doesn’t beat the first man – that’s a regular feat that elite footballers paid millions of cash can seem to perfect every fu*kin time. But the rest of the action you just wouldn’t have the priviledge to witness.

The corner probably would’ve been cleared in the Premier League. Instead it was missed superbly by the defender who loses his balance on the front post and ends up on his arse. Then you wouldn’t get the ‘knee’-jerk clearance by his teammate after it comes rocketing off the post.

And best of all you wouldn’t have gotten the ingenious, fully committed fish dive that Cowdenbeath’s Jordan Garden performed in an attempt to win the ball back for his team.

We don’t see anything wrong with it here. Defending at it’s finest by the ‘Blue Brazil’. A good headed fish dive tackle no? If anything, it’s a free out. John Terry would certainly be appealing that one.

Unfortunately for Cowdenbeath, that goal proved decisive and they went down 1-0. Unlucky lads but thanks for the entertainment.

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