Sami Khedira takes EA Sports to task over outdated haircut in FIFA 18

Of course, Pro Evolution Soccer wasted no time in responding…


Sami Khedira has a lot going for him – he’s a World Cup and Champions League winner and he’s played for two of the world’s biggest clubs in Real Madrid and Juventus.

Then you add in the fact he’s a handsome devil to boot, so Khedira hasn’t really got much to be complaining about has he? Well, it seems he has a bone to pick with EA Sports anyway!

The Juve man took to Twitter yesterday to ask the makers of FIFA 18 why they haven’t given his mop a chop, despite the fact he hacked himself a couple of years ago.

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To be fair to the German, it was a light-hearted question. However, that didn’t stop FIFA 18’s biggest rival Pro Evolution Soccer trying to tempt Khedira over to the dark side with a virtual trim so tight you could set your watch to it!

EA Sports have yet to respond to Khedira’s request, but you can imagine developers are scrambling to sort it in the next update.

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