Paul Ince: After this amount of time at Liverpool, Klopp should’ve cracked it by now – it’s time to prove himself

The former Man United and Liverpool man thinks there's more pressure on Klopp than Mourinho this Saturday


Klopp should’ve cracked it by now

This game is Manchester United’s first acid test. They’ve been demolishing teams and, no disrespect to the others, but this is a big step up. To go to Anfield is different gravy, this is where they’ll truly be tested for the first time this season.

I know how important these games are to both sets of fans. I think United have to prove they really are title contenders, but I actually think Jurgen Klopp has more to prove than Jose Mourinho.

If Liverpool lose, could you really class them as title contenders?

At the minute, I can’t see it anyway. They’re way behind Untied and City and if they drop three more points here, they’re not going to make that gap up – no chance. It’s a huge game for Liverpool.

If you look at the two sides at the minute, everything considered, you have to say United are way ahead of Liverpool. There’s been a lot of unrest in Klopp’s side, with Coutinho, and United seem to know what they’re doing – that shows in the way that they’re playing.

Klopp hasn’t found the right formula for his team yet and, after this length of time at the club, with the players he has, he really should have.

Mane a bigger loss than Coutinho

Sadio Mane being out for six weeks is bad news for Liverpool – he’s a much bigger loss than Philippe Coutinho would be.

Mane is much more involved in the game from start to finish. Without him, Liverpool’s side are a lot weaker – he’s vital. Jose Mourinho is smart. He’s a winner and a master tactician – he’ll be expecting for those first 20 minutes that Klopp’s team will fly out of the traps and try to blow United away like they did to Arsenal.

Win or lose, United will still be challenging for the title. Liverpool don’t come close.

Jose Mourinho will want to win it; he knows that in this tie all eyes are on him. He can answer those doubters who are saying ‘well they’ve not played anyone yet’ and he knows that. It’s a chance to shut people up.

They’re scoring lots of goals, Romelu Lukaku is on fire, and that could really be the difference between the two teams. Liverpool don’t take chances and their defence is poor, you would think Lukaku would have too much for that back line.

Man United at Anfield, against that back line, in the form they’re in now? They’ll score. There’s just no doubt about it.

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