Big Sam: Spurs won’t want to sell Kane, but money talks – just as it did with Bale

The former England manager Sam Allardyce hails Harry Kane’s loyalty to Spurs, but insists that he will be tempted by the biggest clubs in the world…


Harry Kane is clearly happy at Tottenham, at the moment. He’ll be looking at staying for the next two to three seasons but, after that, who knows? Maybe it’ll be time to move on.

He could easily attract interest from the big guns – Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich.

Those three clubs are the only three that would tempt Harry to leave Tottenham, especially if he wins something there.

Spurs would never want to sell Harry Kane to a Premier League club. But they sold Gareth Bale in the end – as much as they want to hold on to him, money does talk.

When you see what happened with Neymar going to PSG, there’s always an offer that someone can’t refuse, and that’ll be the case with Harry eventually.

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There are stories that Real Madrid want to offer £200million for Kane. Can Tottenham reject that kind of money? I don’t know.

It all depends in the end on Harry, if he decides that he wants to go. Kane doesn’t seem the type of player who is disruptive, a bit like Diego Costa was when he wanted out of Chelsea, but he could be tempted by the likes of Real Madrid.

He’s said that he wants to stay at Spurs until the end of the career, so presumably he believes they can achieve what he wants to in the game.

He’s obviously thinking they’re very close to achieving honours – they’re in the Champions League, they’re in their new stadium, he’s seeing the club grow.

Kane plays as well as he does for Tottenham because he loves the club so much. There’s definitely a factor in that he’s so settled there, where he dreamed of playing as a kid.

There’s a lot to be said for the idea that his performances are as good as they are because he loves that football club and gets on extremely well with Mauricio Pochettino. He’s very comfortable with the manager, and feels he’s getting the best out of him.

Kane would be a success at Real Madrid – as would Alli

Harry has all the ability in the world, and could play at the highest level.

You can see from his recent form just how important he is to Tottenham and England. He’s world class.

So, he would still score goals at Madrid and in fact, he could score goals anywhere. If he went there, obviously the settling in period is imperative, because fans want instant performances, and the pressure would be on – but this is a player who can prove himself.

Look at the way he broke into the Tottenham team, with hard work and a bit of perseverance.

Kane can establish himself as one of the top players in the world with that mentality, and it’s only natural that a team like Real Madrid would come calling.

And Dele Alli will bring the same interest. I don’t see a better combination in the Premier League, at this moment in time, than Kane and Alli.

Both have been linked with Real Madrid, and I’m not surprised – they’re great players, and would do well anywhere together.

Kane beware: Criticism of Rooney unfair

It’s an epidemic in our country that we unfortunately turn against these great talents – at the moment, Kane and Alli get a lot of praise, but as soon as their form drops, people will turn against them.

It’s happening to Wayne Rooney now that he is moving into the later stages of his career, and isn’t as good as he used to be.

But he still has a huge amount to offer in his experience and as a footballer at Everton.

Because the club are struggling, people are associating that with Rooney. But I think he’s started well there, he’s scored a few goals, and he’s contributed while on the pitch. It’s unfair on him.

At the moment, Everton as a team are not performing to the level that’s expected yet but there’s been so many changes there, with all the new signings, that it’s caused disruption.

And, despite the spending they’ve done, they haven’t found a striker to step up and replace Romelu Lukaku’s goals.

If you look at their plight, having lost Lukaku, everyone looked at the money and thought it was fantastic, but the fact of the matter is that you’re going back into the same market to replace that player.

And they’re suffering badly as a result, while United have become a greater force as a result of signing him.

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