Paul Ince: Liverpool don’t just have a problem with their defence – it’s their attack that’s the issue

The former Liverpool midfielder says Liverpool fans should be frustrated with their team for not finishing their chances...



Everyone is banging on about Liverpool’s defence. It seems to be the topic of the moment.

But what people seem to forget is that is that in most games they have loads of chances – and good, clear cut chances – which they aren’t putting away.

I really sympathise with Jurgen Klopp, because he’s brought a philosophy into Liverpool that sees his team create chance after chance consistently. They’re brilliant going forward and, the thing is, if his forwards don’t take those chances they put pressure on the back five or six.

If they’d have taken a few more of those chances this season – including against Spartak in the Champions League where they drew 1-1 – the game would’ve finished three or 4-0. And if they’d been better in front of goal, no one would be moaning about their defence.

There’s got to be more onus on those forward players for not getting the ball in the net and being more clinical.


They’re getting away with it and avoiding the criticism, even though it’s those players at fault for missing golden chances.

But while everyone bangs on about the defence, the heat is taken off them, and I feel for Klopp, because he can’t put the ball in the back of the net for them.

Every time Liverpool concede a goal at the minute everyone goes on about their defence and I think it’s a bit unfair. Klopp will get that right, just like he has the forward line. But there could also be an issue with protection from the wingers and some of the midfield players too, defending should start right from the front.

If you allow balls to go into the box willy nilly, with wingers not doing their jobs then, yes, it’s going to end in goals. And if you haven’t been finishing chances at the other end, then obviously, it’s going to result in losses.


Other than Manchester City, I’d say most teams in the Premier League wish they could create the chances Liverpool do. Those forward players need to start accepting responsibility for their actions and stop letting the defence take the flak.

That’s not to say there’s no defensive issues – this switching around of the goalkeeper isn’t working for a start. Switching goalkeeper between the league and the Champions League doesn’t work, and their game against Spartak Moscow proved that. Mignolet should have played, not Karius.

This isn’t the League Cup or the FA Cup we’re on about. It’s the Champions League. You need to take it seriously and play your number one goalkeeper.

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