Paul Ince: Lukaku chant isn’t racist – I would’ve laughed it off, and Romelu won’t be offended

The former United midfielder says the chant is unnecessary, but not racist

I don’t think it’s racist

Personally, I don’t think the chant is racist.

I honestly think it’s a group of fans that have got carried away and did not expect the backlash they have got. I’d say it’s just a bit of fun, that’s got out of control now.

For a player to hear that sung about themselves, I do think they’d think it was amusing, a bit of a laugh. If this chant was being sang at me when I was playing, I would just laugh it off and that would be it.

Fans have sung chants for years and far worse than that in my time, though I suppose a lot of them would have never been heard because of social media.

I don’t think Romelu Lukaku would say it was racist.

Not racist, but not necessary

But, to be honest, it’s not just about what he feels about it. It’s also about how other people in the stadium might feel hearing that, children, elderly people and families.

It’s not something you should be singing anyway. Whether it’s racist or not – which I think is a massive grey area – from a club point of view, fans shouldn’t be singing that.

Would you want your kid coming home knowing those words? I think those singing it need to have a think about it from that point of view.

It’s something that needs to be addressed and nipped in the bud quickly, whether you think it’s racist or not. Which I’m just not sure it is.

I’m not sure what the need is to sing about a players’ penis is at all, the rest of the song is about him and that’s fine.

One thing’s for sure, that if the club disagrees with it, Man United won’t waste time in banning people. They’ll be gone, but the problem they’ll face is if 5,000 fans are belting it out.

Hopefully it will be addressed sooner rather than later now it has been brought into the public eye.

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