WATCH: Ince and Bellamy choose their Hotshots for this week’s £375,000 Jackpot

Did we mention that this week the jackpot is a whopping £375,000...


Presumably, like us, you’re keen to leave this Qarabag Cup (or whatever it’s called) lark behind.

And so, with another weekend on Premier League popping up over the horizon, it’s time to get in those Hotshot Jackpot picks. This week the jackpot is a whopping £375,000.

To help you along the way, we’ve had our men Paul Ince and Craig Bellamy make their choices. So if you think these two legends are on the right track, head on over to the HSJP site and replicate their selections.

Head over to our Hotshot Jackpot site and make those picks before time runs out

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