We’ve paid out one Irish fan’s (very) optimistic World Cup bet following Serbia loss

We were impressed by this lad's positivity...


With the World Cup dream looking far less likely following last night’s loss to Serbia, you could forgive Irish fans for not feeling optimistic about the side’s prospects.

But, generous souls that we are, we’ve decided to reward the ridiculous optimism of one Carlow-based online customer who, shortly after 1:30am last night/this morning, backed the Boys In Green to win the World Cup.

The Irish fan, who placed €3 at odds of 150/1 on Martin O’Neill’s side winning the trophy for the first time is now €450 richer following the decision.

Our man Paddy Power said:

“The mood in the country certainly wasn’t one of optimism after last night’s result so we can’t but admire the stones on this lad. Given the timing of the bet he may have been drowning his sorrows but feel as though his ridiculous optimism can’t go unrewarded and have decided to pay the man his money.”

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