Inspector Scouse: Liverpool fans have turned into Twitter detectives – and it’s great.

Number plates, stalking flights on the internet and looking at the colour of the seats in a private jet. All in a days work for Liverpool Twitter.

What did we do on transfer deadline day before Twitter? Sit on Teletext praying something would happen, eagerly awaiting the papers for a pic of our team’s marquee signing holding up a tacky inanimate object.

And now, in the days of social media, what do we do? We sit on our phones, or in the basement on our Mum’s computer drinking Monster energy, and stalk our transfer targets.

I’m not talking a couple of checks of their online pages. I’m talking tracking private jets and cross-checking the colour of the leather seats. Looking in the background of Snapchat/Instagram stories to try and spot any landmarks, and even Google translating the tweets of players’ third cousins.

In many ways, it’s absolutely nuts. And in others, it’s beautiful. This transfer window has seen more cash fly around than a teenage boy with his parents’ credit card on a subscription porn site, and with it has brought out a new breed of transfer mentalists.

Step forward, Liverpool fans.

If you haven’t seen it already, the past couple of days have been pure carnage.

There was the signing of Naby Keita – who isn’t actually going to kick a ball for a year – the rumour of a monster bid for Thomas Lemar and the return of the Virgil van Dijk gossip.

It kicked off when a private jet was tracked online, travelling from Bournemouth to Liverpool. A fan and gamer, Dean Coombes, waited patiently with a flask and a box of butties for the arrival. When it came, he snapped a picture and stuck it on his Twitter account.

After that, the gates were opened. You’ve never seen so much fuss over a silver Merc van. The same van which supporters believe also picked up Andrew Robertson and Mo Salah earlier in the summer. Or, you know, it could just be a silver van…

The fun was just beginning. Rabid Liverpool fans soon spotted that the jet that had been tracked in the sky was in fact the same one VVD had used earlier in the summer. The shade of beige leather matches up and everything.

The sad, yet impressive detective work done by the Scouse contingent didn’t go unnoticed, though. In fact, in a few hours the famous silver van already had it’s own – hilarious – Twitter account.

Here are some of the best reactions:

Great work, fellas.

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