Manchester United stink of goals: The five honest things we learned

With eight goals scored and zero conceded in their first two games, we look at the five honest things we learned from United's game against Swansea


Lucky Number 4

Okay, so it’s probably still a little bit early for Man United fans to be getting carried away. But after hammering eight goals in two games and conceding zilch, it’s fair to say that the Reds stink of goals.

Dominating the game from start to finish, and proving they have a wealth of options many don’t when bringing on Anthony Martial who netted from the bench again, they look like quite a force. Hell, Martial even cracked a smile. It must be good.

They face Leicester at home next Saturday, and if these two games are anything to go by, get lumping on the over/under markets and prepare to chat to plenty of United fans at the watercooler on Monday morning.

Why isn’t Anthony Martial starting?

When the teamsheet was posted to United’s Twitter account this morning, there was the usual raft of banterous replies about the whereabouts of ‘Toto’.

He netted after coming on against West Ham in the opening game of the season, and the fans’ merciless chants throughout the game show they clearly wanted him on today.

And then, as if by magic, he swans (geddit?) on the pitch and bags another goal. Jose Mourinho spoke of how he thinks it’s going to be a successful campaign for him this year, so why not have him on from the start? If the last two games are anything to go by, he’s more than earned his spot.

Phil Jones is actually alright (sometimes)

So, I’ll be the first to admit that I have been guilty of giving Phil Jones a hard time. And you know what, credit where credit is due.

Not only did he manage to not fall over once, the calamitous dope also managed to hit the bar this game. There’s no doubt that the four goals will be the talking point, but the point needs making that Jones has had two great games. And maybe he’s not so shit after all.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan should be in your Fantasy team

He’s our midfield Armenian, he received the yellow Man of the Match block this game and he’s a points machine. He’s on four assists in two matches, that should be music to any Fantasy Football manager’s ears. Trust me.

Lukaku has the Zlatan effect

So this one might not be entirely new, but it seems as though new signing Romelu Lukau has the Zlatan Ibrahimovic effect.

There may be spells of a game where he goes relatively unnoticed – though he’s often plugging away in the background, or intimidating people with sheer size and presence – but it only takes that one opportunity to get a goal.

And when he gets the chance and the ball arrives at his feet, rest assured it’s going in the back of the net. Many people, myself included, doubted how Rom would fare at a club as big as United, and now we’re eating our words as he nets his third in two games.

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