Liverpool fans go into meltdown on Twitter as Coutinho reportedly tells the club he “wants to leave”

Nothing is confirmed, but that hasn't stopped the opinions from flowing...


Supporters of Liverpool FC are renowned for their restraint and balance.

Rare is the occasion when they overstep the mark and lapse into hysterical fits of delusion about matters relating to their team.

Recently, the main issue surrounding LFC has been the future of Philippe Coutinho.

Up to this point, fans of the club have remained typically dignified and calm in their response to the rumours that have abounded.

But today, previously heated speculation about a potential move to Barcelona turned searing hot as it emerged via ESPN that the player may have confirmed his desire to depart Anfield.

Within minutes, the Twitterverse slipped into overdrive, with the reaction among Reds fans shifting between denial and outright panic.

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These Tweeps, for example, clearly have such in-depth insider knowledge of the club that they can readily deny research undertaken by professional journalists:

Many expressed their displeasure at the situation in a very direct manner:

Others were simply heartbroken…

…while others resorted to begging

Some, however, appear to have simply lost their minds:

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What do you think?