Paddy Power’s Crowd Powered Price – just WT actual F is it?

The big man's taken control from the bean counters and given it to the customers as the Premier League reaches its climax on Sunday


It’s the climax of the Premier League season this weekend and Paddy’s determined to go out with a bang.

In true Donald Trump style, he’s ignored the best advice – and just plain common sense – and turned bookmaking theory on its head with his latest brain fart.

We could spend days explaining this lunacy (& often have) but here it is in a nutshell.

The more money that is placed on Arsenal, Leicester & Spurs win treble – the more we’ll enhance the price for Sunday’s showdown.

That’s worth repeating. The MORE money that is placed on Arsenal. Leicester & Spurs win treble – the more we’ll INCREASE the price of that happening.

We couldn’t believe it either but when there’s money spent on a promo video explaining the gig (below) – you know we’re serious.

Here’s the deal ….

At 9am Friday morning, we’ll go live with the treble at the normal price of 7/2 … and hold our breath.

But don’t you wait, because the more customers that take this price, the quicker we can start to enhance it (see table) – right through to a potential 8/1 before Sunday’s kick-off.

Customers Price
1,000 7/2
10,000 4/1
25,000 9/2
50,000 5/1
75,000 6/1
100,000 8/1

The big man’s taken control from the bean counters and given it to you, the customers. And somewhere in HR, a finger hovers over his P45…

Terms & Conditions

  • Max one bet per customer of £/€20. £/€10 for Retail. Win Only
  • Applies to bets placed on the promotional market only
  • The odds of the promotion market will increase based on the amount of unique customers who bet on it (as outlined above)
  • The odds will start at 7/2 and increase at increments detailed above, up to a maximum of 8/1
  • All customers who bet on the market will be paid out at the final odds at 3pm on Sunday 21st May 2017, even if this is a bigger price than when their bet was placed
  • Cash Out not available on Power Price
  • Applies to all Online, Mobile, Phone, Text and PP Messenger bets and bets placed in Retail shops
  • Paddy Power football rules apply


What do you think?