WATCH: Jamie Carragher emphatically didn’t miss Gary Neville last night

The Liverpool legend had a 'sexier' model on Monday Night Football...

Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard made an appearance on Sky’s Monday Night Football to much fanfare last night and one person who was very happy about it all was regular pundit Jamie Carragher.

Carragher’s TV and Twitter battles with Manchester United legend Gary Neville make fantastic viewing for Premier League fans, but the former Liverpool man wasn’t missing his sparring partner last night it seems.

Instead Carragher was more than pleased to see Lampard fill in the void left behind by Neville, saying that the Chelsea icon’s performance in the studio was better than the Blues’ showing in their 2-1 victory over West Ham at the London Stadium that they were analysing.

Lampard also picked his team of the season after the game and it was widely regarded by those watching to be an all round good outing on the show for him. Carragher, however, couldn’t resist taking a shot at Neville when asked if he was missing him.

Not only did the Champions League winner say “no” when he was asked the question, he also took a dig at Neville’s style and veiled jibe at his weight to boot. You can watch the cheeky video for yourself below:

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The taunts haven’t stopped there from Carragher today though, as he again had Neville in his crosshairs.

After a much published spat with Leicester’s Danny Simpson last week, Jamie responded to an article on Twitter from the Daily Mail today where Simpson suggested that he would shake Carragher’s hand after the row but he’d have to be invited on the MNF studio to do so.

Of course, Carragher had to bring Neville into it again with this tweet!

Neville is yet to rise the ex-Liverpool full back’s bait, but we’re sure he’s cooking something up!

Never change Jamie, never change…

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