Hotshot Jackpot: Diego delivers shock €144k win for Irish punter

In your face Tuesday, here’s how a Costa goal made one PP customer €144,000 richer

Who doesn’t love a surprise? This morning we were lucky enough to shock the living crap out of one of our Hotshot Jackpot winners by informing him that he was €144,000 richer than he thought.

Having texted the lucky Wicklow lad to see if he was free for a chat we received a shocked reply telling us that he hadn’t won a thing.

Boy was he wrong!

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Having correctly predicted that Roberto Firminio, Riyad Mahrez, Marko Arnautovic, Fernando Llorente, Manolo Gabbiadini, Wilfried Zaha, Harry Kane and Diego Cost would find that he’s won a half share of £250,000 Hotshot Jackpot Prize with another punter from Swansea.

However, the online punter spent the weekend thinking that he had a beaten docket as he mistakenly thought he had selected Zlatan Ibrahimovic who missed a late penalty against Bournemouth in Saturday’s early kick-off.

“For some reason I had it in my head that I had chosen Zlatan and after he missed the penalty I thought I was out. I was looking on as all my other selections kept knocking them in and I kept cursing my luck for picking Ibrahimovic.”

He was so sure of this that he didn’t even bother tuning into last night’s game.

“I’m a Chelsea fan but I was playing football myself last night so I didn’t watch the game but when I saw that Costa had scored I thought it was typical. I had no idea I had hit the jackpot, I honestly can’t believe it!”

The clued in football fan also took some time to justify some of his more surprising selections.

“I was watching Mahrez for the last couple of weeks and felt that he was coming back into form so I thought I’d throw him in. I was struggling for someone to pick for the Stoke game but chose Arnautovic as he pops up every now and again with a goal.”

So there you have it folks, one minute you’re cursing a Swede with questionable facial hair the next you’ve enough loose change to by an entire village a round.

Not bad for a dreary Tuesday eh?

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