Danny Simpson and Jamie Carragher go to war on Twitter; Gary Neville laughs

This one might run and run and run...

You’d think after a week of being criticised from pillar to post that Leicester City players would just get their heads down after a wonderful win over Liverpool, well not Danny Simpson.

Yesterday Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher visited the Everton training ground to interview our Hotshot Jackpot king Romelu Lukaku as part of his work for Sky Sports.

But, all Twitter wanted to know was why the former Reds defender was filming the piece in an Everton training kit?

To his credit Carragher explained himself:

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To be fair we wouldn’t have said ‘no’ to Big Duncan Ferguson either… Anyway, back to the story.

Carragher didn’t spare the feelings of either Leicester or Liverpool players on Monday Night Football after the Foxes’ 3-1 victory when he said: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where two teams should come off and hang their heads in shame.”

The dig at Liverpool was in relation to their utterly disappointing performance, while his pop at Leicester came at the players’ apparent involvement in the sacking of Premier League title-winning boss Claudio Ranieri and subsequent excellent performance thereafter.

Enter Leicester right back Danny Simpson, who thought it was a good idea to question Carragher’s connection to Liverpool because he was wearing the Everton kit for the shoot and compared it to Gary Neville’s undying love for Manchester United.

Neville was straight in to warn his former United colleague of the can of worms he’d just opened:

As usual he was right and Carragher, who grew up an Everton fan, fired back with criticism of the performance of Simpson and his Leicester colleagues on Monday night.

Simpson didn’t lie down however and went in with jibes about the fact that Carragher had never won the Premier League as a player.

Carragher then shifted the focus to questions of Simpson’s involvement in the removal of Ranieri.

Of course, Gary found the entire social media spat very funny altogether…

Oh Danny, what have you started? We’ve a feeling we haven’t heard the last of this one!

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