Watch: Phil Neville turns the air blue at ‘birthday’ surprise from Becks and Gary

It’s Phil’s party and he’ll do what he wants

Former Manchester United teammates Gary Neville and David Beckham just couldn’t help themselves when the chance cropped up to prank Phil Neville on a trip to Paris last night.

Even though Phil’s birthday was last month, Gary and Becks decided to book him a surprise cake at the restaurant they were eating at and it arrived right after dinner.

Not only did the cake come complete with a tiny candle when it landed on the table, but to make matter worse for Phil the restaurant staff turned down the lights and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the former United and Everton full back.

After dutifully blowing out his candle, the rest of the table chanted for a ‘speech’ from the younger Neville and that’s when it all become too much for Phil. With Gary and David filming it all for their respective Instagram account Phil can be hear shouting: “What do you want me to f**cking do” at the requests for a speech.

It was all in good fun of course, but Becks and Gary wasted no time putting everything on their social media accounts and you can watch for yourself below:

?????????? @davidgardner @gneville2 @philipneville18

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For those wondering what the trio had, there was plenty of good wine (it was Paris after all) and Gary even tried the traditional snails.


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All in all, it looks like the United legends had a great trip to the City of Lights. Some might say it was “romantic” even…

Romantic night in Paris

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Bon anniversaire Phil! Even if it is very belated!

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