Watch: Diego Costa reacts with extreme suspicion to visiting magician

He had his doubts and he wasn't for turning!

Diego Costa’s form for Chelsea might be nothing short of magical this season, but he was having none of a magic man visiting the club’s training ground yesterday.

In a video released on the Chelsea’s official Twitter account magician Ben Hanlin decided to amaze Costa – along with the links of Eden Hazard, David Luiz, Pedro Rodríguez and Thibaut Courtois – with a trick involving a match ticket.

Hanlin had Hazard sign the ticket before folding over a corner and then ripping it right off. The magician then somehow chewed the corner back into place to the delight of the Chelsea squad, well all of them except for Costa…

The Spaniard proceeded to take the ticket from Hazard’s hand before giving it a very intense visual investigation. Eventually, he seems to give up on trying to figure out how Hanlin did it and joins in the applause.

Diego really has no time for any hocus pocus! You can see the video for yourself below:

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