The Leicester City Premier League statistic that will make your jaw drop

Brace yourselves - this is just a little f*cking mental...

Right, let’s not mess about – here’s that stat that will make you do the confused face emoji…

Leicester City are shorter odds to win the Premier League this season, than at the start of last season

Yup, suck that one up folks. After three games of the 2015/16 campaign the Foxes had picked up seven points and were top of the league, yet the PP traders had them priced up at 1,500/1 outsiders to lift the crown. This season, despite 39 points off the top of the league with 13 games left, they are still 1,000/1.

What the actual f*ck?

We can only assume that the PP trading team is so petrified of what happened last year that they’re unwilling to take the gamble – after all PP shelled out more than £2m when Claudio Ranieri’s men won the title and the canteen in Power Tower reduced the size of their sausage rolls by more than 63 per cent. It was like something out of a horror film.

What this does show is quite how remarkable that title-winning campaign really was for the Foxes. This season they’ve won just one of the last 10 in the league and they haven’t scored a league goal since New Year’s Eve – the only team in Europe’s top five leagues not to have a 2017 goal to their name.

If Chelsea lose every single one of their remaining games and Leicester win every single one of theirs, then Antonio Conte’s men may still be above the Foxes on goal difference. Yet they’re still more likely to win the league than at the end of August in their title-winning season.

Ah well Foxes fans – at least you’ve still got more hope in the Champions League than Arsenal…

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