Watch: Motherwell manager loses his rag with Aberdeen fans after being sent off

Wouldn’t you be in a bad mood watching your side conceded seven

It’s bad enough watching your side lose 7-2 away from home, but Motherwell manager Mark McGhee utterly lost his mind with opposition fans to boot after being sent to the stands.

McGhee felt he’d been the subject of a vendetta by the fourth official, which contributed to his rage, and said he was “horrified” by his attitude towards him.

“Right from the very first minute the fourth official seemed to me to have made up his mind, the attitude he was taking and to be honest he spoiled the game for me as much as the seven goals did,” said McGhee.

“It was disgusting actually, I’m horrified the fourth official took the attitude he took.”

No wonder he was sent off!

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Why any club put up the highlights after being beaten 7-2 is beyond us, but back to the matter at hand…

After being given his marching orders by the referee (on the say so of the fourth official), McGhee had to make his way into the Aberdeen fans to watch the rest of the game.

Of course, they were merciless and you really can’t blame McGhee for getting hot headed after being called a ‘f**king clown’ by one supporter. The incident was caught on camera by one fan in the stand and was posted on Twitter by @GordonDuncan3.

You can see the bust-up for yourself below:

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