Paddy Power’s Kicker: Don’t just win, win even bigger thanks to Kicker

Paddy Power's 'Kicker' product allows you to keep winning more if your team thumps the opposition

There’s nothing better than seeing the team you’ve backed win by a comfortable margin. Every Jeff Stelling roar is greeted with sheer delight as your side go two, three, four, maybe even five goals ahead. But then hindsight kicks in.

What could you have won if you’d backed the team to win by a comfortable margin? How many more of Paddy’s pennies could you have pinched to pay for a Saturday night on the tiles?

Oh hindsight, you cruel beast.

Well, worry no more. Because Paddy Power has developed a ‘Kicker’ product, to make sure that kick in the gut you get off hindsight isn’t as painful as it used to be. By adding a Kicker to your win-draw-win bet, the more your team wins by the more your returns go up.

Firstly place a bet on your football team to win. For example €10 on Arsenal to beat Hull, because nothing is more ‘classic Arsenal’ than the Gunners putting together a string of fine performances and high-scoring games after already blowing their title challenge.

You’ll see that by ticking the box below my bet I can add a Kicker. By sticking an extra €5 on, I can boost my winnings if Arsenal win by two, three, or four or more goals.

Hull have the second worst defence on the road in the top flight, and the Gunners have averaged two goals a game at home this season. Expect plenty more moaning on Arsenal Fan TV this weekend, and a few more quid in you PP account thanks to Kicker.

What do you think?