Watch: Real Madrid keeper doesn’t take kindly to BBC producer filming team on his phone

It’s not too hard to keep it in your pocket mate…

You’ve got to be a pretty special talent to command a starting place in the Real Madrid team, even if you happen to be a goalkeeper as Keylor Navas proved one overly keen onlooker recently.

Real Madrid were being visited by the BBC World Service for a radio documentary and they were watching the team train. While there, the show’s producer decided to whip out his phone to sneakily record a snippet of the superstars in action.

Seeing the producer filming, the Costa Rican international decided to take matters into his own hands (or feet) to stop him.

Navas lobbed a shot – with minimal force it has to be said – and with amazing accuracy knocked the phone from the BBC employee’s grasp from distance.

Thankfully the BBC saw the funny side and tweeted a video of the incident. You can listen to the documentary entitled ‘Inside Real Madrid’ here and you can watch video of the incident involving Navas below:

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