Watch: Peter Schmeichel responds to terrible Tipping Point answer about him

The Man United legend didn’t know what to think

ITV’s Tipping Point is a show we enjoy here at Paddy Power, as it’s a show that reminds you of a great day at the amusements.

The idea of the show is that contestants answer questions in order to earn counters to put into the machine. They then hit a buzzer to release the counter and hope to tip more counters, which are worth £50, over the edge.

It’s so simple, even we can wrap our pea brains around it! Yesterday’s episode featured an easy question on the legendary Peter Schmeichel and poor Bev had a shocker with it.

Host Ben Shepard asked the contestants: “Between 1991 and 1999, Peter Schmeichel was the goalkeeper for which English football club?”

Quick as a flash Bev buzzed in, but it went downhill from there…

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As we said in our tweet, it’s (barely) acceptable not to have good football trivia knowledge, but Germany…

Schmeichel, capped 129 times by DENMARK, thankfully saw the funny side and tweeted he didn’t know “what to say” yesterday.

Well at least Bev will never forget he played for Manchester United now!

What do you think?