That’s Pants! H&M favourite to drop David Beckham first

He might look good in a pair of briefs, but they’ve well and truly pulled off by the latest leaks

He might look good in a pair of briefs, but they’ve well and truly pulled off by the latest leaks

David Beckham has reportedly had his pants pulled down by ‘Footy Leaks’ and it could be the last time it’s a pair of H&M undies.

Brand Beckham has taken a hit in the past few days, with thousands of sensitive emails between Golden Balls and his representatives reportedly leaked by football’s version of WikiLeaks – Footy Leaks.

Beckham, widely regarded as a national treasure, reportedly took offence to not receiving a knighthood in 2013, and allegedly followed up with numerous expletive-laden and highly embarrassing emails to his agent.

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The former England and Manchester United star is the well-known face of several big name brands including H&M, and amid the damaging allegations we’re offering odds on which sponsor might drop Beckham first.

A topless Beck’s has starred in several high profile H&M ad campaigns, and we’ve installed the fashion giant as the 3/1 favourite to drop their man.

With millions in endorsements at stake, Beckham might be forced to live well for less, and we’re offering 4/1 for supermarket giant Sainsbury’s to end their deal with the 41 year-old.

Unsurprisingly, Paddy has long-standing sponsor Adidas as the least likely to drop their man at odds of 10/1.

The odds on Beckham receiving a knighthood this year have also drifted out to 8/1 following the revelations.

Ask about the Beckham leaks Paddy Power said: “In the words of the Spice Girls, it could be ‘Goodbye’ for Beckham and his sponsors with these reports expected to leave lasting damage to his image.”

“That crying sound you hear is thousands of Beckham fans coming to terms with the fact they might not see their idol in his pants again.”

Which Sponsor Will Drop Beckham First?

3/1         H&M
4/1         Sainsbury’s
7/1         Samsung
10/1       Haig Whiskey
10/1       Adidas

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