Paul Ince: Why Wayne Rooney should move to another Premier League club, not China or the MLS

Former Man United captain Paul Ince on why Wayne Rooney still has more to offer in the Premier League – although not as a bit player at Old Trafford

If I was in his position, at his age, there’s absolutely no chance I’d stay at Manchester United. Rooney is 31 and still has a lot to offer. He wants to play football, and wants to play every game. His time at Man United is finished if they can’t offer him that anymore. He’s too good to be a bit-part player and it’s time for him to move on from Manchester United.

People shouldn’t even be suggesting that Wayne Rooney is finished in football. It’s disrespectful to even suggest that. He is world class, and has proven that time and time again at the highest level.

Wayne will be frustrated sitting on the bench, watching his team and feeling like he can make an impact. He’s not starting games anymore – particularly not the big ones. I found myself in a similar situation at Wolves under Glenn Hoddle.

I was 35 and at the end of my career, but I wanted to play every week. Hoddle would say to me: ‘You need to just sit this one out. Give this one a rest and then play in the next couple.’ I needed looking after because I was getting a bit older.

There’s plenty of players in football who are happy to sit on the bench and count their money, but Rooney isn’t one of them.

There’s been talk of a move to China or to the MLS, but he still has plenty more to give to top-flight English football. If Jose Mourinho said he was available, there should be plenty of Premier League top half clubs who would jump to sign him.

Manchester United’s chances of winning the league have gone because they never had a chance this season. Jose hasn’t got the team 100 per cent how he would like it. They desperately need another goal scorer as they can’t constantly rely on Zlatan Ibrahimovic to find the onion bag. Antoine Griezmann would be a brilliant option.

However, even if Atletico Madrid are willing to sell him, United are naïve to think they will be the only team in England in for him. If they don’t secure Champions League this season then it may be tough to draw Griezmann, and other quality players like him to Old Trafford.

Rio Ferdinand was on BT Sport this week criticising Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard for posting their dancing antics all over social media and I completely agree. I’m all for young players having a laugh and a dance, it’s a bit of fun. But only if you’re top of the league.

If that video had come out after they had won the FA Cup final or won the Premier League, you could understand it. But when you’re talking about two players who are underachieving at the moment, it’s the last thing fans want to see. If I was at United and seen that they’d have got a bollocking. There’s a time and a place, and that wasn’t it.

This would not have happened in my time at United. Ryan Giggs and I used to dance when we scored a goal, but if we’d put that on social media when we’re sixth in the league, Bryan Robson, Peter Schmeichel and Mark Hughes would have absolutely slaughtered us.

That’s not the Manchester United way. You win, then you celebrate.

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