Are Liverpool planning their end of season party already?

We decided to poke fun at The Reds after a disastrous start to the year...

A brutal few weeks of results have left Liverpool’s season all but over ahead of their clash with Chelsea tomorrow night – and we can’t resist pointing it out.

Ahead of the visit of the table-topping Blues – who could go an astonishing 13 points clear of Liverpool, only recently their closest rivals, by beating them – the bookmaker erected tongue-in-cheek signs outside Anfield.

The authentic-looking road signs offered advance warning of a road closure for “Liverpool FC’s end of season party”, starting at the full-time whistle of the Chelsea match.

Of course, nothing could possibly go wrong with such brazen mockery ahead of such a big football match – and there’s no danger at all that Paddy Power could end up with egg on their face.

Spokesperson Paddy Power said: “Liverpool have Kopped a lot of stick after a disastrous week, which effectively ended their season already. Is the Klopp ticking for their German manager?

“Surely not yet, but if he continues to not be his usual efficient self, he could be off down the Anfield road.

“P.S. I’ve been made to say this by our Arsenal supporting PR team – as a Liverpool fan myself, I still believe we can win the league. Although that’s something I’ve believed for the past twenty-odd years.”

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