Virgin Trains called out a sleeping Gary Neville and Carragher had to join in

The battle rages on between the Sky Sports pundits on social media

Poor Gary Neville can’t seem to catch a break these days! Whether it be with Valencia or even on Virgin Trains, of all places.

Neville and his Sky Sports punditry colleague have proven to be a better double act than The Chuckle Brothers as they analyse the goings-on in the Premier League for the channel.

Of course, with their legendary connections to Manchester United and Liverpool respectfully, Neville and Carragher never miss a chance to take good-natured shots at each other and yesterday was no different.

After being shown on Sky having a kip on a Virgin train, Neville broke the golden rule of riding the rails – never put your feet on the seats!

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The Virgin Trains Twitter account wasted no time in calling out Neville, and Carragher rapidly jumped on the bandwagon, ‘accusing’ Gary of having “no respect” for his fellow passengers.

It would seem the banter ball is now in Gary’s court and we can’t wait to see what fiendish plan he’ll come up with next.

By the way, people responding to the post had a right pop at Neville choice of foot wear. It might just be time for a new pair Gary…

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