Louis van Gaal’s funniest Premier League moments

We are remembering his funniest Premier League moments after he announced he is retiring...

Ah, Louis van Gaal. The 65-year-old has announced his retirement from football, after an illustrious career that saw him manage Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Holland before heading to England.

He left United fans with some interesting memories. Sometimes, they were ripping their hair out at the sideways passing or frustrating substitutions. One thing they could never accuse him of was a lack of personality, as he delivered some amusing managerial moments.

Now, as Louis settles down on the sofa to eat stroopwafels and watch the Come Dine With Me omnibus, we are celebrating his United career with his best bits.

1.His theatrical touchline dive against Arsenal

LVG’s re-enactment of Alexis Sanchez’s dive will forever be in my memories. The memes that followed were even better…

2. When he called a journalist ‘fat man’

Nothing better than a temper tantrum. LVG was wound up after a 3-3 draw against Newcastle, and turned round to call Neil Custis a ‘fat man’.

3. When he christened Chris Smalling, ‘Mike’

Still not really sure how this happened, but it was brilliant nonetheless. It stuck for a good while, with the defender saying fans stopped him in the street and referred to him by his new name.

4. Red wine at the Christmas press conference

Cheers, everyone.


5. Louis van Gaal shouts his own chant

Stick your earphones in and enjoy.

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