Video: Roma player gets 2 game ban for starting riot by throwing water over opponent

The subs, coaching staff and even the stewards got involved in this one

Last weekend’s Premier League action contained horrible and unprofessional scenes we all love to see. Of course we all appreciate watching beautiful sequences of play and thunder bastard long range volleys, but there is something strangely enjoyable about watching a group of footballers engaging in an on pitch scrap.

At the Etihad a decent fracas broke out on Saturday after Sergio Aguero launched himself into Chelsea’s David Luiz. The resultant kerfuffle was your standard Premier League brawl with plenty of pushing, death staring and that rubbing foreheads together thing they always seem to do. Ferandinho sending Cesc Fabergas over the advertising hoardings was perhaps the highlight, or lowlight depending on your view of these things.

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James McClean was up to his old tricks at the Hawthorns too. Sent on to ruffle a few feathers against Watford, McClean wasted no time getting things going against the Hornets when he booted the ball up the backside of Roberto Pereyra, after play had been stopped. Queue scenes of moderate violence and a red card for victim of the scene Pereyra.

Over in Italy a similar prospect was brewing this weekend during the Rome derby, a hotly contested affair at the best of times. The game was played with an undercurrent of violent tension which was waiting to be ignited. Step forward Kevin Strooman to provide the spark for a quality shemozzle that even the coaching staff, subs and stewards got involved in. Fantastic scenes.

Strooman threw a bit of water over Napoli’s Danilo Cataldi to kick off a 20 man melee. Today the Dutch man was handed a 2 game ban for starting the on pitch battle. Does he deserve two games for this or was it a bit over the top?

What do you think?