Watch: Fan explodes at Sun journalist over Wayne Rooney pictures on 5 Live

“Stuart” was not happy to say the least

Wayne Rooney makes a tackle in midfield

Passions were clearly running high during last night’s phone in on BBC’s 5 Live as the subject of pictures released of Wayne Rooney in the Sun was discussed.

Rooney issued an apology to the FA management yesterday after snaps were released of him looking the worse for wear at a wedding in the early hours of Sunday morning, all this took place while he was still wearing his England gear.

The Sun’s Neil Ashton was on the show to discuss the Rooney incident his paper scooped ahead of the rest of the press pack and he was confronted on the line by an angry England fan called Stuart.

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Stuart described the story as “one of the biggest jokes” he’d ever heard and felt the paper should get off Rooney’s back and focus on the good he’s done for England – like being the country’s record international goalscorer.

Ashton for his part said the fact that Stuart had felt the need to call up to defend the England striker proved that the story was in the public’s interest to read.

The caller was having none of it however, adding if it was his wedding he’d have asked Rooney in to take pictures as well. He then branded the story “cheap” before the video ends with him telling the journalist its people like him “that make him sick”.

You can listen to the explosive exchange below:

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