Watch: Player sees red for ref headbutt; team still wins on pens

How was the game ever left go on?

At Paddy Power we love football from all over the world, but America’s college NCAA Tournament is usually not where we end up.

However, here we found one of the dirtiest games you are ever likely to see as the University of Massachusetts Boston took on Haverford College on Sunday.

The match was marred by four ugly incidents and an utterly unforgivable act of violence against the ref by a Boston player – who somehow still ended up winning the contest.

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In a clip released on Youtube, Boston receive their first red card after their player decides to pick up the ball and boot it right into the face of his opponent as early as the 23rd minute.

This is followed six minutes later by a clear headbutt on one of Haverford’s men, which was missed by the man in the middle. Fast forward to the 88th minute as just after they’d levelled matters, Boston lost another teammate after their striker decided to slam a member of his opposition into the ground.

The poor ref was given little choice but to send him off and received a headbutt for his troubles.

To make matters worse, instead of abandoning the game like he should, the ref played on and Boston (possibly the most unsporting team in football history) went on to win 4-2 on penalties to advance to the next round.

Check out the game’s incidents below:

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