Dutch fan defends himself after being accused of taking a dump in rival’s centre circle

We’re not sh***ing you on this one, we swear!

A 50-year-old Dutch football fan has pleaded his innocence after pictures emerged of him allegedly taking a poo on a rival’s pitch and spread like wildfire on social media.

The man, a supporter of Go Ahead Eagles in the Dutch Eredivisie, was caught by security squatting over the centre circle of PEC Zwolle following his side’s 3-1 loss in the game known as the ‘IJsselderby’.

However, while the entrepreneur has admitted to pulling down his pants, he claims he never intended on defecating on the field.

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After being tracked down by local publication De Stentor, the man explained the background to the bizarre incident.

“I’m an Eagles supporter, but not all fanatical. I was invited by a business associate to attend the match in the business area,” the fan told the paper.

“After the game there were many people on the field. I also went that way and thought it was nice to just stand over the centre spot and pull my pants down.

It was inexcusable, I should never have done it. I don’t know what came over me. But really it was no more than that, I just kept my underpants on.”

He also confirmed that stadium security had handed him to local police, who took his details and a banning order is likely to follow his actions. He has since written an apology to PEC Zwolle and offered to make a donation to the club’s youth operations to make up for it.

The club themselves have yet to comment on the incident and are probably trying to flush it from their memories.

With the North London derby taking place this weekend, we don’t think this is a good idea for any fans to try. Keep the pants on lads please!

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