Michael Carrick is officially quicker than a bear (…and Sergio Aguero)

The hightlight of the Manchester Derby - Carrick outdoing Aguero for pace. We have confirmed he is officially quicker than a grizzy bear...

A derby day win at Old Trafford, a Jose Mourinho apology to the fans and a Juan Mata goal. You would think that Wednesday night couldn’t get any better for Manchester United fans.

Then, at the 85th minute of the game, Michael Carrick outpaced Sergio Aguero and gave us all a story to tell our grand-children.

Carrick has featured in just five games across all competitions this season, and started the game against Manchester City last night. Aguero had been on the pitch for just ten minutes when he felt a rush of air blast past him that nearly knocked him clean off his feet.

With unrivalled pace, Carrick ran a whopping 37.36 metres – 40 yards – in just 5.23 seconds. Quicker than it took you to pick your jaw up after reading that.

At roughly 15.98mph, that means the midfield maestro is actually faster than a brown bear! And at 35-years-old, Carrick has already outlived the average grizzly.

Alongside bears and the Argentinian striker, he also leaves polar bears, giraffes, African bush elephants and tortoises in the dust.

Well, there you have it. Next time anyone tells you that Carrick isn’t pacey, you can remind them he actually hunted down Kun Aguero quicker than a bear can pounce on a deer. It’s official.

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