Manchester United player ratings vs Liverpool: Find out who tops our chocolate-themed chart

See how we ranked Jose Mourinho's side last night according to the chocolates in a box of Celebrations...

De Gea: An unbelievable performance with two world-class saves earns him the right to be a Malteaser here. We reckon that if you handed a box of Celebrations to Jurgen Klopp, or most Managers in the world, they would dig right to the bottom for a DDG-flavour treat. Malteaser

Valencia: I feared the worst after seeing his muscular thigh-ridden selfies earlier in the week, but he looked impressive and calm. That late tackle alone gives him Galaxy bar status. Galaxy Caramel

Smalling: A decent performance from Mike, who seems to be very shouty and confident in his role as captain since Rooney was left warming the bench. Nothing to complain about, but nothing which rocked my world, either. Twix

Bailly: Continued a brilliant start to his United career. Didn’t flap in his first meeting with Liverpool and made very few mistakes. Galaxy

Blind: A dodgy Gerrard-esque slip allowed a dangerous attack, but a decent enough performance for a slow bloke against Klopp’s quick forwards. Twix


Herrera: A true Man of the Match performance, showed the most passion of the United players and was arguably his best performance in the shirt. Galaxy Caramel

Fellaini: Played exactly as Mourinho asked him to. Controlled the game from the midfield and worked well alongside Herrera. He did get beaten to a header by 5”7 Coutinho, though… Twix

Pogba: Was moved into the Number 10 role but struggled to make much happen, bar an impressive cross to Zlatan and a couple of decent passes. Milky Way

Young: Despite the initial panic at seeing him on the team sheet, he worked hard, defended well and kept a cool head. Twix

Rashford: Other than his early foul on James Milner – who seemed to turn to mush last night – he looked frustrated and out-of-position. Snickers

Ibrahimovic: The game wasn’t set up for him, but he failed to do much anyway. Should have scored with his head from Pogba’s excellent cross. Snickers

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