Which Liverpool players could walk into Manchester United’s current squad?

We take a look at which of Jurgen Klopp's lads could get into Jose Mourinho's side...


The highlight of week eight of the Premier League fixtures comes in the form of one of the biggest rivalries in football – Liverpool v Manchester United. It almost makes the tear-inducing International break worth it.

Jurgen Klopp’s sides have enjoyed the stronger start to the season, losing just one game of a possible seven. Jose Mourinho’s side are currently trailing by three points, and look to continue their solid record against Liverpool, who have beaten United just six times since 2004.

We took a look at which Liverpool players could saunter right into the current Liverpool squad…

Roberto Firmino: Attacking Midfield

Liverpool, at least at the moment, look like the most impressive attacking force in the league. Jurgen Klopp’s lads have created 111 chances so far this season, including 99 key passes and 12 assists, the most of any team.

The primary creator at Liverpool this season, running around like a mad man and carving up defences all whilst showing off an impressive set of teeth, would be a welcome treat United. He has previously played in a number 10 role, and god knows Old Trafford could do with some inspiration in that position…

Philippe Coutinho: Attacking Midfield

If any United fan tells you that they aren’t a little bit envious of the little magician, they’re lying. Despite losing home and away to United last season, Liverpool were victorious in the Europa League. Coutinho bagged a crucial goal just before half-time, ultimately sending Louis van Gaal’s side crashing out of the competition, to choruses of “Scholesy’s right, your team are shite.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Coutinho is a class little act, plenty of the Manchester faithful would feel pretty resentful toward him. The fact of the matter is, prior to the summer, he was easily Liverpool’s most impressive player. With three goals in seven appearances already this season, he would make a welcome addition to a Manchester United side desperate to attack, but perhaps in need of an injection of pace and creativity in the midfield.

Sadio Mane: Winger

Another attacking player, we know. It’s not as though United are without, but the scouse lads have notched up 26 goals already in the 16/17 campaign.

There were rumours that Mourinho expressed his interest in the 24-year-old as a replacement for Memphis Depay. After heading south on the M62, supporters laughed at his £34 million price tag as he signed for Klopp.

Those words may end up haunting United fans, with the Sengalese winger looking frighteningly good since his summer move, bagging three goals in the process. Allowed free roam, Mane gets into dangerous positions quicker than I get up for the buffet at a wedding.

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