N tice s mething missing?

P ddy P wer supports the Missing Type campaign

The NHS Blood and Transplant campaign is calling for new blood donors

As, Bs and Os - the letters of the main blood groups - are disappearing this week

Well isn’t someone eagle-eyed! Yes, you’ve quite rightly noticed that there’s something missing from our logos today – an A and an O.

That’s because we’re supporting the Missing Type campaign, which is taking place across 21 different countries, including the UK and Ireland, this week.


The idea is to remove the letters of the three main blood types (A, O, B) from iconic locations to encourage new blood donor registrations.

In England, there is a particular need for more black and Asian donors, and more young people generally – while O negative and A negative blood is in particularly high demand.

Spokesman P ddy P wer said: “Giving up a little piece of yourself – like me with my name this week – can make a huge difference to others.

“At P ddy P wer, we’re proud to be supporting the Missing Type campaign.”

To register as a new donor, visit www.blood.co.uk, or call 0300 123 23 23. You can also support the campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using #MissingType.

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