Paddy’s Frankenstriker tells you who to back to top the charts at the Euros

Our greatest creation

Shane Long

For once it's actually not Shane Long

We know the struggle of trying to pick a winner for a top scorer bet in any competition. But when the European Championships comes around there’s always one name that’ll stand out to you as one that could shock.

To help out, Paddy’s special scientist created the perfect football striker which is gloriously named the Frankenstriker. Who ever said we weren’t creative?


Zlatan Ibrahimović –

Zlatan’s stats speak for themselves. 62 goals in 112 games for Sweden, particularly when they need him most. In Ligue 1 this season he’s got 38 in 31 appearances. When he fires, he’s possibly the best striker in the world. But there’s just one problem. When he’s off form, his team is off form. If Ireland manage to shut him out in the opening game, Sweden could be in trouble so his odds are probably fair.

Gareth Bale –

We’ve made ten thousand jokes about how Gareth Bale carries Wales. Because for the most part, it’s true. He got 64% of Wales’ goals in qualifying but his Real Madrid season has been injury hit. He’s still managed to get 19 in 23 appearances and he’s one of the quickest players in France – something which could help out against England, Russia and Slovakia.

Jamie Vardy –

HE’S HAVING A PARTY. Merde chat se faire défoncer! Look it up.

Jamie Vardy wouldn’t have been in the betting a year ago. He probably wouldn’t have been in the betting in October. But breaking a Premier League record in a fairytale season saw Leicester’s Cinderella fly up the betting with Blue WKD’s on every step. But could he actually do it? Harry Kane may have something to say about it.

Thomas Muller –

Nine qualifying matches for Thomas Muller. Nine goals for Thomas Muller. The Bayern star has destroyed defences whenever he pulls on the white of Germany and with a couple of shaky defences in Germany’s group, his odds could drop quite quickly.

Antoine Griezmann –

The pressure’s on Griezmann. In the absence of Karim Benzema, the hopes for France to win their first major tournament in over a decade lie on the 25 year old Atletico Madrid star. His scoring boots were almost always on – well, at least one of them was with his stats showing a preference for his left foot.

Cristiano Ronaldo –

Cristiano Ronaldo should be shorter odds we hear you say but consider this. Ronaldo has played at six major tournaments for Portugal. He’s only finished as their top scorer on his own once. Dead heat rules apply of course but the winger is on serious form after another sensational year for Madrid which finished with the winning penalty in the Champions League final. If Portugal get out of the group, watch Ronnie fly. Siiiiii!

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