Neville Southall: Adios Roberto Martinez. It’s time for Everton to show some balls and get Jose Mourinho

Leicester City proved the Premier League is a fraud and the Toffees shouldn't buy into it

It’s time for the Everton board to ‘back or sack’ Roberto Martinez.

Personally, I think it’s time that he goes and I’ve not met anyone recently who wants him to stay.

Last night’s 3-0 drubbing by Sunderland was a mess. As soon as the first goal went in it was game over. Roberto hasn’t helped himself by saying the team put in “loads of effort” last night. It’s one thing to try and keep the dressing room onside, but another to be taking supporters for granted.

It’s been three years now and there’s no sign of a trophy. The FA Cup semi-final defeat to Manchester United summed up this season in a nutshell.

A poor first half, great second half and a mistake that cost us everything.

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A sinking ship

The players look like they are just going through the motions with many of them saving themselves for Euro 2016. And that’s what’s so annoying. We’ve a team full of internationals who are under-performing and we’ve still a game to go against Norwich on Sunday.

It takes a lot for me to have a pop at the club. While the players need to take responsibility, the board need to show more ambition.

Our record over the past 10 matches is woeful (won just once) – as bad as Aston Villa – and they’ve been relegated. And we’ve only won 5 league games at home.

If Villa were the Premier League’s Titanic this season, we’re the Titanic part two.

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The Fraud Squad

Are you seriously telling me that Leicester City fans had more expectations going into the first game of the season than Evertonians?

Claudio Ranieri came in, saw what he had, but stuck to the values of hard work and honesty, and has reaped the rewards all season.

Leicester City aren’t frauds – it’s the Premier League that have been shown up as frauds and Everton shouldn’t buy into it.

But look around the rest of the division at all the so-called big clubs. The moneyed clubs. Manchester United are a shambles. Manchester City a shambles. Newcastle are a shambles. Chelsea crumbled while Arsenal have under-performed and Arsene Wenger is like a politician who can’t see that his shelf-life is coming to an end.

The Toffees should be the Atletico Madrid of the Premier League. We should be big, ballsy and confident enough to ignore reputations and start challenging for trophies.

De Boer the merrier

I see that Frank De Boer has left Ajax and is touted as the next Everton boss. Ideally what we need is a mix of David Moyes’ defensive solidity and Roberto Martinez’s attacking flair. A Jose Mourinho -team would fit the bill perfectly.

Mourinho is a proven winner and even if he was just in for three years he’d have won you a trophy by then.

He has the arrogance and the swagger to lift Everton out of the mire. His teams are built from the back but score plenty of goals and don’t give points away easily.

Also rans?

Manuel Pellegrini is decent but there’s no heart in Manchester City.  I don’t think he’s an Everton-type manager.

Brendan Rodgers? No, not a chance. Rafa Benitez is good but would probably see it as ‘just a job’. We need more than that.

I’d love to see a character like Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone come in and shake things up.

Everton is the people’s club and has values like hard-work, honesty, integrity and passion. Personally, even though it’s a long-shot Simeone would reflect this.


What do you think?