The top 10 things that were more likely than Leicester winning the Premier League title according to Paddy Power

Elvis to be found alive and well? Kim Kardashian to be US President by 2020? The Pope to play for Rangers? All more likely than Leicester winning the league...

Sometimes the Paddy Power traders get it a little wrong...

Football. Bloody hell.

Leicester were a whopping 5000/1 shot to win the Premier League at the start of the season, but Claudio Ranieri’s side have shocked the football world by rising from relegation battlers to champions-elect in the space of 9 months.

Five straight wins have seen Leicester establish a clear seven point lead at the top with five games left to play, and it will take a serious Jordan Spieth style cock-up to lose it from here.

With bookies bricking it over the biggest Premier League payout on record, Paddy Power has trawled through the novelty betting archive to exclusively reveal the Top 10 things that were more likely than Leicester lifting the trophy at the start of the season.

And it makes for embarrassing reading four traders on the second floor.

Back in August we said there was more chance of watching Dean Gaffney pick up an Oscar for Best Actor and Elvis Presley to be found alive and well, than Leicester winning the league.

So with five games left and a Leicester title win set to hit Paddy Power for well over £1,000,000, the gaffer has admitted he’s unsure on whether he’d have preferred to see Jeremy Corbyn walking round the Big Brother house in his pants than the Foxes winning:

‘I’ve witnessed some almighty shocks in my time but if you’d have told me Leicester would win the Premier League at the start of the campaign I’d have said you were mad.’

In hindsight we were idiots to offer them to win the title at bigger odds than Elvis being found alive and while we might be on the brink of being cleared out, I’ve now decided I’d definitely prefer to see the Foxes win at 5000/1 than Jezza walking around in his y-fronts’

What do you think?