Punting Hall of Fame: 50p into nearly 12,000? Paddy Power’s been hit hard again

A treble with three hammerings comes up to cost Paddy yet again

This is becoming a regular occurence...

And this is one of the greatest we've ever seen

After Paddy was stung for £170k last week on the races we were hoping for a nice quiet week with no major occurences. But once again, the bookies have been bashed, this time in one of our shops in London.

One customer strolled into the Golders Green outlet at lunchtime yesterday for what we can presume is a weekly punt on the football. He fancied Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City to dish out hammerings. 50p was put on a treble which was 23,640/1 on all three to win 4-0. To cover his bases, he threw another 50 pence on all three to win 5-0.


We knew the first one was up before 3pm after Chelsea beat Villa, which we all knew would happen, 4-0. One up, and the unlikely seems a little bit more realistic. Man City’s away form has been poor, but they went three up within 20 minutes at Bournemouth. Arsenal were silencing the Hornet’s buzz as they went 3-0 up at Watford. But as the minutes ticked away towards 90, our customer was waiting on two goals for a life changing payout.

Into injury time and at the Emirates, Theo Walcott shows off his brand new hairstyle by scoring a fourth. Agony and ecstasy for our punter, who appears to be coming up just short.

Step forward Aleksander Kolarov to briefly turn into Lionel Messi, skinning three Bournemouth players and rifling into the top corner, leaving our customer in dreamland and Paddy Power reaching into the pockets to fork out £11,730. Which is about the cost of a season ticket at Arsenal these days.

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