What is an acca or accumulator bet?

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How To Place An Acca

It's not a silly question if you can't answer it

Here's what an accumulator (or acca) bet is without the mild embarrassment of having to ask a friend

You’ve probably heard the word ‘acca’ or ‘accumulator’ being thrown around a lot. An accumulator is one bet that links together two or more individual bets within. A winning acca bet is dependent on all of those bets winning together.

Accumulator bets are available on almost all sports and betting events on Paddy Power with limited exceptions. Acca bets are a useful way of rolling up short prices into one bigger bet. To use a simple example:

  • A tenner on one even money shot returns £20 i.e. an even money single
  • A tenner on two even money shots in an acca returns £40 i.e. a 3/1 acca
  • If you have three even money shots in a three legged acca, that returns £80 i.e. a 7/1 acca

These days, acca bets are most common for football, but accumulators also regularly feature in horse racing. For example, many people will try an acca across the four biggest races of the Cheltenham Festival.

The benefit of an acca is obvious, particularly if you are backing short price favourites. You can see the returns start to increase notably with each extra leg added to the bet. With the increased odds, comes increased risk. Depending on how many teams or selections you want to include in your acca, you could land a hefty win for a small stake. And if the acca doesn’t come off, at least the damage should be minimal. Accas can be a tricky bet to pull off so it’s advisable to keep the bets small and hope for that big payout.

How to Place an Accumulator bet on Paddy Power

Whether on the Paddy Power website or on our mobile apps, placing an acca is really straightforward. Click on the selection you want and it will add it to the betslip. Click as many as you want. Once you go to the betslip, you will be given the option to place single bets, but also place the accumulator bet.

For example, in the images below, we have picked Stoke, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United to all win their games, so they are on the betslip. You’ll see the betting options of four single bets or an accumulator/acca bet highlighted with a giant hand. The first image is how putting an acca bet on happens on our desktop site and you can slide across to see how placing an accumulator looks on mobile.

You’ll also notice there are other accumulator options available on the betslip. In this case we have chosen to do a four leg acca (based on our four selections) but it is possible to do smaller accumulator bets such as:

  • a double (two selection acca)
  • a treble (three selection acca)
  • a Lucky 15, Yankee, Trixie or Patent bet options which combine various combinations of accumulator bets which are actually quite easy to easy to understand but we won’t discuss now.

So from here, go forth and conquer witn an outlandish acca:

Place an accumulator on football (we’ve got an Acca Insurance Free Bet Special)
Place an acca on horse racing
Take me to the Paddy Power website and let me place my own acca

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