Stephen Hawking infographic: Formula for England success at the World Cup


Stephen Hawking charmed the media and blew the Paddy Power Blog team’s minds (not hard) when he presented his World Cup findings to the world at the Savoy Hotel in London last week.

The physicist, cosmologist, author and one-time star of Family Guy will pen a series of exclusive columns for us. The first of those in which he reveals, after a month-long study, how to score in a penalty shoot-out and his recommended formation for success.

The Paddy Power Blog is not convinced football is coming ‘home’ this summer. However, below, the Paddy Power Design Studio has visualised for believers the professor’s findings in attractive infographic form (for those not bothered with troublesome equations or people who just like a bit of nifty graphic work).

Stephen Hawking’s Formula for England success

Eleanor Kellenberger (Paddy Power Design Studio)

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