Peter Wright: I got away with that win over Daryl. That was absolute rubbish!

It sure was a classic.


Peter Wright emerged victorious in the opening game against Daryl Gurney, beating him 10-7, but it was anything but a vintage display for the Scotsman. The two players kicked off the competition with an unusually sloppy game and both walked off the stage disgusted with their performances.

“We were both absolute rubbish there”, said Wright. “We were both very nervous. I didn’t expect it to that warm on stage, I thought it would be freezing. I just didn’t settle. Next match I need to make sure I settle early.”

How can you rush things against Daryl Gurney? I felt I was rushing. I needed the first break to compose myself.

Snakebite faces Rob Cross next in the evening session and admits he needs to be a lot more on his game if he’s to come away with the victory.

“Rob’s my next game. He’s had a bit of a break and will be fresh but I think it will be a close game. I need to up my game if I’m to get anything. The win is the main thing though. It does take a bit of pressure off for later when facing Rob but I would’ve been absolutely distraught if I lost that game. The number of times I broke him or missed doubles was shocking.”

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