Gerywn Price: I’d take winning the Champions League over Wales winning the World Cup

Rugby, darts, MMA. The man's a talent.


On the verge of making his Champions League of Darts debut this weekend, former Welsh professional rugby player, Gerwyn Price, believes the sky is the limit for what he can accomplish in the sport. A consistent yet gradual rise in the game from 2015 has seen him secure the world no. 7 spot and as a result take his place amongst the game’s elite as they line out in Leicester to fight for that coveted televised Champions League title.

“If I’m up there playing well I’m as good any anybody in this top eight on my day and if I play my A-game then someone’s going to have play really well to beat me so I know I’ve got that in my locker.

“There’s no reason why I can’t beat no.1 in the world. Give me the experience that a of these players have got and one day hopefully I’ll be no.1.¬†If I can stay in the top 8 for the next couple of years then I’ll be happy. If I’m in the top 4 or no. in the world then that’s a bonus.”

‘The Iceman’, who’s renowned for his aggressive, energetic displays at the oche admits his passion can sometimes be misconstrued by fans.

“I come from a rugby background and there’s a lot of aggression in rugby and I’ve always had the will to win and I hate losing. My energy comes from passion and it’s a very Welsh thing too. I think it’s just built into me. It’s natural.

“People think I go out there and do it to try and sometimes put people off but if anything it puts myself off because the adrenaline just gets rushing too much sometimes and I’ve to calm myself down and keep focused. I should go for a nine-mile run before I play and it would probably calm me down. But I’ve always been this way since a young age and I’ll never change.

“People would be shocked to realise I’m actually a decent person and I’m totally different to what they think I am like.”

While he plans on spending the Sunday contending for the trophy, the former Welsh hooker will be keeping a close eye on Warren Gatland’s men as they face France in the World Cup quarter-final.

“I’ve watched them all the way through. I think after the first game against Australia I knew we had a chance then of getting to the quarter-finals and I think we’ve got the best draw out of all of them in France.

“The only team you don’t want to play against at the moment is Japan. They’ve been outstanding, they just look like robots.”

“They’re playing an unbelievable standard of rugby. To come from where they were two or three years ago to where they are now, you just never would have thought it was even possible.

“Alun Wyn Jones is my age and I grew up through the Wales ranks playing with him for the Under 20’s and Under 21’s and also a couple of boys who’ve left now likes James Hook. I’m wishing them the best, especially¬†Alun Wyn Jones – what an amazing career he’s had. For him to go winning the World Cup, what a great moment that would be.

“I think Wales can go all the way, definitely. They’ve got a really young squad. I don’t think they have the strength in depth but their first 15 is definitely good enough to do it.”

So, not one for sitting on the fence, we duly asked the pertinent question: would Price take winning the Champions League this weekend or Wales lifting the World Cup?

“I’m probably going to be a bit selfish and say for me to win the Champions League but that’s a very, very hard one for me. It’s 50/50”, he says with a chuckle.

So what’s next after darts we ask? He’s already transitioned from one professional sport to another. Why not one more?

“I think I’d like to into the MMA world. One or two of the darts players can come along and we’ll just have a good scrap. I’m not saying any name!”

Watch this space folks.

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