Daryl Gurney Diary: Behind the scenes with Superchin at the Champions League

How did Paddy rope me into this?


Sunday 4.00pm:

Got beaten by Gezza and I’m out. Not obviously happy with how I played, he was much the better player but I did have a few chances after the break. At one time during the later legs I hit a 180, thinking it might give me a chance to nick the leg, and then – fair play to Gezza – he followed it right up with a 180 too. That was a pivotal point in the game and fair play to him, it shows you how good he’s playing.

He was nice enough to donate to the cause so I’m grateful to him for that.

It wasn’t to be this weekend but it’s been rewarding in other ways.

Signing off, thanks Paddy and thanks to all the fans.

Sunday 12.00pm

Got a bit of a fright this morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror! It feels a lot airier with a shaved head. If you missed it, Paddy’s got the video below. Spot the bit where I think he’s going for my eyebrows.

Anyway, I’m playing Gerwyn today so hopefully, I’m not like Samson and haven’t lost all my powers last night. I’ve been down practicing early this morning and I’m ready to go. I won’t be starting this game as badly as yesterday’s morning session.

Gerwyn’s a great player and he gives it loads on stage, sometimes don’t like it but you can’t argue with his results this year.

We’re always going to be friends but every time we play we’ll probably dislike each other and clash a bit. We will both be gunning to win so it should be a good match hopefully the spectators – and for me!

Saturday: 8.00pm

Well, that match definitely went better than the last!

I got into determination mode and the annoying thing is if I could’ve done that in the first game I would’ve beat Peter Wright and I would’ve won two games but I haven’t.

After what happened in Blackpool with Rob, it was nice to get some sort of revenge. It looked like it potentially could’ve happened again to me with him after the interval but luckily I kept the pace and I knew I was getting too many chances. I was giving them to him rather than him earning them.

I really didn’t want the break when it came but I said to myself, keep playing the same. Attack, attack, attack, no messing about. Just keep hitting them hard.

But I really deserved that win there, I was by far the better player. The way I played against Peter Wright I deserved to get a good kicking in the cajones, it was appalling. But I proved my worth there.

On another note, I’ve no fu*kin hair! I look scary and I look weird.

But we’ve raised £11,500 which is great and I’m grateful to everyone who has donated. Hopefully, there are still people out there that might see it and might give. With a bit of luck, we might get to £20k.

The grey hairs are gone and it’s all about growing it back before the World Championships. I can throw the tub of gel in the bin now.

I’m getting serious stick off MVG and Gary Anderson that I don’t look bald enough, but I’m happy to cut it tighter if they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is. Stump up lads!

Saturday 2.30pm

What a match we gave you there! I don’t really know what happened. I’m really disappointed with my performance and the outcome of course. It was just a slow sloppy start, even when I was ahead I wasn’t happy with how I was playing. I just didn’t settle into it and we were both poor. But, he got the victory, I didn’t.

It’s not ideal to lose your first game but I’ll come back in the evening better than that, that’s for sure.

Saturday: 10.00am

Matchday today and feeling good. I got up this morning, went for some brekkie in the hotel which was shocking. The bacon was off and the sausages were those herb sausages which I’m not a fan of so I ended up just having a pot noodle. I had a shower in the hotel, dressed and straight down to the venue where I’ll get a few hours practice in before my game against Peter.

It will be a tough match, he’s never easy to play against so I’m hoping I can average well and get a result. Here’s hoping.


Hello, darts fans and Paddy Power loyal followers. I’ve stupidly agreed to do this behind the scenes diary of how I get on in the Champions League this year. Paddy himself roped me in. It’s not the best of timing if you’re going by my form. I am impressively bringing my B-game to the oche these days which I’m hoping might piss off and be replaced by my A-game. If the A-game shows up I’ll hammer anyone – even MVG!

But I’m looking forward to the tournament starting. I played shit in Dublin and I’m eager to get back playing well this weekend. Today consisted of mostly PDC commitments, doing videos, media interviews, signing dartboards, that kind of stuff. I did some practice before I left the Morningside Arena, although I forgot my darts so I used somebody else’s.

One thing which is on the agenda tomorrow is I’m getting my head shaved for charity. It’s for Cystic Fibrosis Care and my best friend Aaron McMenamin died from Cystic Fibrosis a couple of years back so it’s a charity close to my heart. I haven’t got much going for me but I love my hair so I was kind of dreading it but now I’m looking forward to it going it’s that long and shaggy.

I look horrific at the moment like I’ve two sponges on the sides of my head!

I’m off now to relax for the evening. The plan is to go back to the hotel, grab some food, lie on the bed, turn on the tv and put the feet up. And hopefully, there’s a film on Film Four at 9pm or Family Guy is on. Until then my compadres. See you bright and early.

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