Peter Wright: I’ve got the mental game to win Premier League

Peter Wright has pulled himself into the semi-final spots of darts’ Premier League and he feels like it’s time he claims the title for the first time…


After an unexpected loss, many sportspeople need a period of reflection to get back on the horse, but Peter Wright isn’t one of those people.

The world-number-three suffered a shock second-round loss at the 2019 World Championships to Spaniard Toni Alcinas, but he’s determined to not let that defeat have a knock-on effect on him during this Premier League campaign.

We sat down with Snakebite in Dublin last week and he was keen to stress that he’s using the pain of his early exit at Alexandra Palace last December as motivation this year.

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“Toni Alcinas hit the right shots at the right time in the World Championships and that’s the way it went that day,” said Wright.

You’ve got to move on from these things.

“You have to use it as motivation to get your finger out next year and make sure you play some proper darts.”

Even though they are foes at the top of the game for most of the year, Wright teams up with his Scottish compatriot Gary Anderson at the World Cup of Darts and he admits it’s strange not to have him in this season’s Premier League.

“You could say it makes it easier with Gary gone, but it’s not easier because you’ve got the pressure of not wanting to lose against one of the nine that have been picked to replace him.”

“But then again, if you were playing Gary you’re going to have your work cut out for you against one of the best players in the world to try and even get a draw off of him.”

Snakebite got within a whisker of winning the Premier League in 2017 and was just pipped 11-10 by Michael van Gerwen in the final that year.

After having darts to win that event, Wright admits that loss has made him hungrier than ever to win the event.

“I’ve been in the Premier League final and I’ve had the darts to win it,” said Wright.

I’ve become better and learned from that.

“I reckon I’ve got the game to win it this year, and I’m not saying that because Gary is not in the tournament. Even with Michael van Gerwan’s form, there’s a chance for all over us to go and win it.

“I believe I’ve got the mental game to go and win it though.”

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