Peter Wright: Format favours me to bite off a second TV major

Scotland’s Peter Wright may be known for his flashy hairstyles and pants, but his darts have been doing all the talking for him of late….


Paddy Power: Hello Peter, how are you feeling coming into the Champions League of Darts?

Peter Wright: Confidence-wise I feel like I’m back, so I’m really looking forward to the Champions League of Darts. I very much like the round-robin format and not just playing straight knock-out, that’s good for me. I’m in a tough group, but I’m a tough player as well.

PP: The format is similar to what you play at the Grand Slam of Darts, is that why you enjoy it?

PW: Yes, I definitely enjoy it and I’ve done pretty well in the Grand Slam in the past. I’ve got to the finals and semis of that, so the format does take to me. Fingers crossed, it should be alright for me in Brighton too.

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PP: You’ve got a TV major under your belt having won the UK Open in 2017, what has winning that done for your game?

PW: It’s just good to have won one because now you know you can win a major. I realise I’ve won other tournaments, but winning a major is different. I’ve also won two World Series’ as well, so I reckon it’s just a case of baby steps for me. Hopefully, I can win another major now and get a few more under my belt.

PP: Does that mean you feel ready to win your second TV major this weekend at the Champions League of Darts?

PW: I certainly feel I can win it. You have to believe that, otherwise you shouldn’t be playing the sport.

PP: You’re in with the world champion, the defending Champions League winner and Simon Whitlock in Group B. How do you feel about being in with those three?

PW: Obviously, when you are in with the world champion you have got to be on your game. Rob Cross will want to prove to everyone why he is the world champ. Then you have the reigning champion of the Champions League Mensur Suljovic, he beat everyone up here last year including myself. He’ll be wanting to retain his crown, no doubt. Finally, Simon Whitlock has been working hard the last couple years and he’s one of the men on form at the moment. They’re all going to be tough, but I believe I can win all my games.

PP: You haven’t managed to qualify from the group in your last couple of tries at the Champions League. Would doing that be progress and then see where it takes you?

PW: Yes, I’m just going to try to win my first game and concentrate on that. I want to go and win the whole tournament of course, that’s why I’m in it. We’ll just go one game at a time.

PP: You start with Simon Whitlock on Saturday, how do you feel about that challenge?

PW: I feel pretty confident playing Simon. He’s a good friend of mine, but I believe I know his game and roughly what I have to do to beat him. Hopefully that all goes to plan.

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